Member Benefits


Are you a Wellesley graduate, student, or current or former faculty member?

Active members

Any person on whom Wellesley College has conferred a degree, or any former student of Wellesley College, living within the Club area as designated by the Wellesley College Alumnae Association (“WCAA”), shall be considered an active member of the Club. Only active members may vote, be elected to office or serve on the Board of Directors.

Associate members

Any member of the faculty or administration, past or present, of Wellesley College, may become an associate member of the Club. Any mother of a Wellesley student, past or present, may become an associate member of the Club.

Honorary members

The Board of Directors of the Club may nominate special persons for honorary membership; such nominees shall become honorary members upon their election by a majority vote of the members present at any Club meeting. Once elected, an honorary member shall be retained permanently on the Club roster. No annual dues shall be required of an honorary member.